In 2010 I began my label MARINGE in Amsterdam. With my diploma Fashion-designer in the pocket, I didn't know where to go or what to do. I missed value in fashion. Fashion is fast, really fast. Before you know it something new and beautiful is outdated and has become useless. I went on a search for lasting value. Something that lives longer than a season. When I accidentally walked in a leather workshop I fell…. I fell hopelessly in love. I decided to master this material and craft. I found the only education, exciting at that time, in Holland that taught the craft of making leather bags.

Despite the fact that a bag is a fashion-item as well, it has a longer lifespan and is of great value to its carrier. A bag is made of living material. From the moment a bag becomes yours it will only get prettier. Because of your touch it will be yours more and more. You make the bag what it is. Your bag lives the same live as you do.

We make all the bags ourselves by hand and with great pleasure. I believe it's the best craft I could have chosen to practice. I love beautiful material and a timeless product. The color of the leather makes every bag unique. For the bags we use leather that shows it's original skin and structure. No thick layers of paint that cover the skin, because you wear it on your own. We like it to be skin to skin.
After my education in making leather bags, I was lucky to be able to do an internship at Hermine van Ziel. For connoisseurs and fans of classic bags, she is an institute.
Now I work for myself with a lot of help of friends and family. We hope to fulfill all your bag, purse, shopper-wishes.
I focus on making bags that last. 
Skin to skin, for many years.
Maringe Oomkes





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