Accessories for girls and grownups.

My girls love all kind of accessories, but too many times the tiara's, the princesse dresses, girlie purses or other gifts they got, left them sad. Because it had broken, ripped or fallen apart within a week. My oldest has the purse I made for her for a few years now and is still very happy with it. And just as important: it still looks beautiful! Everything gets carried around in it! Rocks, feathers, drawings, hairpins, candy, anything really. 

The model is the archetype of a bag. If you ask 10 kids to draw a bag, 8 or 9 will come up with this shape. That's probably why it's so loved. I hope my little bags will be loved by you and your kids (and their future-kids) as well. The straps are adjustable to a grown-up-size. The extra strap is hidden inside the purse.